Ocean room newsletter 9/4-9/7

Ocean Room Irvington Pre-K Newsletter 


Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been another great week here in Pre-K! We spent our time talking all about ourselves, being interviewed for the Pre-K time capsules, drawing self-portraits, making “mini me’s” and much more! Next week we will be talking about families and will also begin our letter study. Please help your child choose something for letter share that begins with Aa. Please no toys for these examples.


Thanks and Reminders

*If you have not yet brought a family photo, please bring one next week to add to our family board.

*Next week Rhys’s family will be providing snack.

*Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubby.

*The forecast shows rain all next week, please bring a raincoat for recess.



Tuesday we greeted Ned with a birthday crown to decorate, while the rest of us colored beautiful birthday pages for his birthday book! Then we circled up for our morning meeting, reiterating the rules and expectations of Pre-K. We talked about how it is very important to stop, look and listen the first time when a teacher is talking. Then we dove right into sharing “Life In a Bag.” Eli showed everyone a picture of his kitten, Leo, a Dodger’s hat because he likes baseball and an acorn because he loves to collect items from nature. Lucy shared a headband because she loves wearing them every day, an advertisement about ballet because she loves to do ballet and a fun book called, The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation because she loves stories. Just after rest time, we enjoyed some free choice while the teachers interviewed everyone for their Pre-K time capsules. We do this at the beginning and end of every school year to show how much we grow and change! Our day ended with singing Happy Birthday to Ned, followed by a book on the carpet called, I Like Myself!


Wednesday after our morning circle we read, Whoever You Are and then began working on our Sharpie self-portraits. In small groups, everyone had the chance to look in a mirror while trying to draw their face. We talked about how most people have two eyes, a nose, a mouth and some hair. Everyone did a great job! After lunch time we shared some more of “Life In a Bag.” Rhys showed off his Catboy costume because he likes the show PJ Masks, and his favorite white rock because he has a collection. Reese shared her ballet shoe because she likes ballet, a pair of sunglasses from her collection of 39 pairs and a ribbon from her gymnastics class. Freddie shared his shin guards that he wears for soccer, a Hogwarts invitation because he likes Harry Potter, and a fox cup because he loves foxes. Bea showed off a paper puppy because she loves them, beads and sequins because she likes to collect them, and a postcard of the beach because she really likes the beach. Marian shared a picture of her baby sister Naomi, a picture of bunnies because they are her favorite, and a picture of her parents because she loves them as well.  In the afternoon we sang Yellow Submarine and did “The Hokey Pokey” on the carpet before transitioning to free choice and project time.  We used rich watercolors to complete our self-portraits. They look wonderful! Our day ended with a nice long recess.


Thursday morning, we sang our welcome song and then read a fun, rhyming story called, Today I Feel Silly which talked about all of the different moods we may feel from time to time. Then we went around the circle to talk about how everyone was feeling. More than half of the class said they were feeling happy because the ice cream social was happening after school! Just before rest time, we did a few shares from “Life In a Bag.” River shared a block because he likes to build, a Spiderman crayon because he likes to draw, and a family picture because he loves his family. Teddy showed off a picture from New Mexico because he really likes going there, his favorite book called, Blue Hat Green Hat, and binoculars because he likes to look at things through them. Charlie shared his Batman mask because he loves superheroes, and the Green Lantern mask because the Green Lantern is a good swimmer and Charlie likes to swim. In the afternoon we worked on making “mini me’s!”  Everyone had the chance to choose between a variety of colors of hair, shirts, pants and skirts to create their very own mini Pre-K kid.  They look great and will be adorning the walls of the classroom in no time. We finished the day with recess and then a story on the carpet as we said goodbye to friends for the day.


Friday during morning meeting  we talked about the importance of respecting everyone’s personal space and keeping our hands to ourselves unless it is a high five, hug, or handshake. After that we read a great book called, Only One You and then a few more shares from “Life In a Bag.”  Sadie shared a colored pencil because she likes to draw, Whinnie The Pooh Tells Time because she loves to read, and a picture of her sisters because she loves them! Vivien showed off a picture of a tiger because it is her favorite animal, a picture with a microphone because she loves music, and a Camp Ganey tee shirt with activity patches that she made with her family over the summer. Eliana shared a seahorse because she loves to swim, a leaf because she likes to collect them, and a unicorn because she loves and has many of them! Golda shared a book called Tumble Bumble because she loves books, shoes for her Irish dance class, and a marker because she likes to color. In the afternoon we listened to, Nanette’s Baguette again because it is such a silly and fun book to listen to. In the afternoon we enjoyed free choice followed by recess.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



-Team Pre-K!