Ocean Room Newsletter, 9/10-14

Ocean Room newsletter September 10th – 14th, 2018


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a great week in Pre-K talking all about families! We read some awesome books, held interesting discussions and did a handful of projects along the way. Next week we will be talking about our neighborhoods. We will also be revisiting letter Aa. If your child did not bring letter Aa share this week, please help them choose something that starts with letter Aa for next week.


Thanks and Reminders

*Thank you to Rhys’s family for bringing snack this week. Next week Reese Marr’s family will be providing snack.

*Snack Guidelines:

IED supplies the crackers.  Families are to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for 17 children for the week. Please remember we are a nut-free program.


Monday morning, we started our day with morning circle and reviewed the three rules of Pre-K. Then we read a book called, A Family Is a Family Is a Family and discussed how all families are different in their own ways. After that we introduced letter Aa by learning the sounds it makes as well as the sign language letter with our hands. From there, we rolled into free choice and project time, practicing writing letter Aa and recognizing it on letter pages. Just before recess, we finished up the last few “Life In a Bag” shares. Adrian showed everyone an acorn because he likes to collect nature, a Duplo block because he likes to build things and a pom-pom because he loves to put them in his truck. Ned shared 2 race cars because he loves cars, a cheetah snap bracelet and a bald eagle clip. Wesley showed off 2 Lightning McQueen cars because he loves fast cars, a wiffle ball because he likes sports and a transporter truck. In the afternoon we practiced calendar for the first time as a class before heading outside to run off some serious energy!


Tuesday we kicked off the morning by reading, Who’s in My Family and then charting who we live with. Everyone took turns placing the number of X’s under who is in their family. The options were: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Dog, Cat and Fish. This chart is now hanging up in the classroom for all to see. Then while free choice was going on, the teachers weighed and measured everyone to record on our Pre-K time capsules, so we can see how much we grow by the end of the year. After recess we enjoyed some songs on the carpet like, Five Speckled Frogs, If I Were an Animal and Working On the Railroad. In the afternoon we had the pleasure of listening to a couple chapters from, Frog & Toad which everyone seemed to love. Our day ended with a nice long recess!


Wednesday morning, we read, Families and then everyone got to work on drawing family portraits. These are now hanging above the coat hooks in the classroom. Later, just before recess, we had another fire drill. They took it seriously, exiting the building quietly and quickly, as well as promptly responding with an audible, “Here!” when their name was called for attendance. After coming in from recess we watched a great book on video called, Personal Space Camp which talked all about the importance of respecting our classmate’s personal space. We learned that personal space is the amount of space people need to feel comfortable. We also learned that this amount of space can change depending on the situation. In the afternoon we enjoyed a story on the carpet called, When The Relatives Came, followed by a couple letter Aa shares. Marian brought a drawing of an acorn and Teddy shared a picture of him at the beach with his sister, Anika. In the afternoon the class talked about the importance of responding to the teacher’s listening cues and what we should look and sound like when they hear one. Our day ended with a discussion on the carpet before saying goodbye to friends. We talked about ways to handle if a friend is bothering us without using our hands. Ask your child what they should do in those situations!


Thursday morning everyone arrived to find new carpet spots, to help listen better when the teachers are giving messages. We also practiced our whole body listening, sitting criss-cross with hands in our laps. The class talked about the importance of being a first time listener and how teachers will help make choices when we don’t listen the first time. We also talked about what we like to do with our families, how our class is like a family and how it is always important to listen to one another, just like we listen to our family members at home. During free choice and project time we interviewed the children about their moms and dads, inquiring about their parents’ “favorites” and what they like to do with them. For letter Aa share, Vivien brought in a stuffed alligator puppet and Lucy shared her Alice and Wonderland doll. At gym time, the kids had a blast with Teacher Mike playing games like, Toy Story, TV-Tag and Night at The Museum. Our day ended with recess and then a story on the carpet called, How to Babysit a Grandma, which was pretty silly!


Friday during our morning circle, the class received a compliment from the teachers for doing such a good job of coming their new carpet spots and displaying their best listening bodies. Go, Pre-K! Then we wished, Golda a very Happy Birthday and sang to her. We also learned that she loves strawberry cake, the color red and her favorite animal is a rhinoceros. This information came in handy when coloring birthday pages for Golda’s birthday book. Everyone did a great job and the pages turned out beautifully. During music and movement, we enjoyed songs like, Going On a Bear Hunt,  Boom-Chica-Boom and even got to practice our air guitars! In the afternoon we had a quick free choice before heading out to finish the day with recess.


Have a great weekend!



-Team Pre-K!