Galaxy room Sept.17-21 2018 week in review

Galaxy Room Week in review

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Fletcher Brigham’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • This coming week we will begin Person of the Week. Each week a different student will be highlighted. We do an interview with that student, then all the other students draw a picture which goes into a keepsake book. We go through students in alphabetical order and our first person of the week will be Anouk!
  • Next week will begin our Community Helpers unit. As a part of this, Pre-K will get a special visit from our local fire station on Thursday, September 27th.
  • Next week our letter of the week will be Cc.
  • Our end of the day pick-up occurs during quiet “book-look” time. Since this transition can be a very hectic time, please help us by keeping voices low and goodbyes quick and quiet.

Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced the letter Bb as the next focus of our Alphabet Study.  We also started our Classroom Helpers, where we take turns helping our classroom community with jobs like Door Holder, Clean-Up Crew, and Line Leader. We continued our Hundreds Chart, where we practice our route counting skills by tracking how many days we have been in school. This week started our Neighborhood and Community theme! We read From My Window and Our Street, and talked about what our street looks like from our windows. During our project time, we continued our discussion about our streets and homes and created a poem together to highlight some of our sensory perceptions. We created pictures of our streets to tell more about our ideas.

Tuesday:  We continued our discussion on Neighborhood and Community, and wrapped up our street poems. We also talked about our homes and homes around the world. We read Homes in Many Cultures and Homes Around the World. Students shared what their homes look like and what the outside color is, and how many people live in their homes. Today we worked on the letter B sound and looked at items that start with the letter B. 

Wednesday: We continued talking about our homes, and how there are different homes here in Portland and around the world. We discussed apartments, townhomes, big houses, small houses and even tree houses that some of us have in our backyards. We read The Big Orange Splot and considered how houses can be as individual as we are. Students had a chance to imagine their dream home, and we enjoyed hearing about these fantastical homes. For our project, students help make these come alive on paper. They used a variety of cut out shapes to construct their home. These will be hanging up soon in our classroom.

Thursday: We wrapped up our Dream House projects in the morning and these will be hanging up in our room. In our small groups, students worked on identifying the upper and lower case B, as well as practicing tracing and free-writing the letter. We have alphabet sheets for letter practice that students work on during the week. This is intended to be fun and a low-pressure way to develop letter recognition, beginning letter sounds, and fine motor control. It is great to see all the progress the students have made over the past