Ocean room 10/1-5

Ocean room Newsletter October 1st – 5th, 2018

Hello, Pre-K families!

The week flew by as we learned about each of our five senses! We learned the “Five Senses” song and practiced the sounds, sign language and written letter Cc. Next week we will focus on the Fall season and the letter of the week will be Dd. Please help your child choose something for share that begins with Dd.

Thanks and Reminders


*Please keep discussions regarding playdates and birthday parties outside of the classroom to avoid any feelings of exclusion.

*Thank you to Adrian’s family for bringing the nutritious snack! Sadie’s family will provide snack for the next two weeks.

*Snack Guidelines:  Families are to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for 18 children for the week. Please remember we are a nut-free program.

*Monday we will welcome a new friend-Lucie!

Monday we kicked off the new unit by learning the, “Five Senses” song and reading, Five Senses, focusing on the sense of smell. For the related project, we painted beautiful pictures using Jell-O as water color paints which had the added bonus of smelling delicious. We also worked on letter Cc pages. During Music and Movement, we sang and danced to, “Rags” and “Animal Action.”


Tuesday was spent learning about our sense of taste. We read, The Sense of Taste and then conducted a real taste test! Each student had the chance to taste four different items (a potato chip, lemon wedge, baker’s chocolate and a gummy worm) that represented: salty, sour, bitter and sweet.  We also opened up our sensory table, working with items that either sink or float. For Music and Movement, we sang and danced to, “Hop & Stop” and “Animal Action II.” During gym time with Teacher Mike we played, Mountains and Valleys and Cookie Monster.

Wednesday morning, we read, Soft, Smooth, Rough & Bumpy and focused on our sense of touch. For the related project, we made paintings with a variety of textured sprinkles and worked with homemade play-doh and different kinds of noodles. This was a great activity to strengthen our hands to help develop fine motor skills. During Music and Movement, we did the, “Bean Bag Boogie” and played a fun game called, “What’s Missing?” We also read another chapter from, Frog & Toad are Friends.

Thursday at our morning meeting we read, Sense of Hearing and had fun playing audio BINGO. The kids really enjoyed listening to and identifying the sounds from the CD on their BINGO cards and using unifix cubes to cover the pictures. During Music and Movement, we did another round of, “The Bean Bag Boogie” and then listened to, Bear Has a Story to Tell. We played Sharks and Minnows in the gym with Teacher Mike.

Friday was extra fun! After reading, Sense of Sight and doing a fun activity where we painted pictures with our eyes closed, we had some special visitors! Miss Geri’s second grade class came to the Ocean room to be our reading buddies! They will be coming once a month to practice their reading skills with us. During Music and Movement, we listened and danced to some fun songs like: “Five Little Pumpkins,” “Apples and Bananas” and “Baby Shark.” We also played Simon Says in the gym with Teacher Mike.

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We spent the week in the gym playing more Autum games like Leaf tag, Pumpkin Tag, and we even broke out our giant parachute. We took turns running under the parachute while we all used teamwork putting it in the air. I can already see that they are understanding safe ways to play and how to respect spatial and physical boundaries. Looking forward to another fun week coming up!

Have a wonderful weekend!