Ocean room Newsletter November 13th – 16th, 2018

Ocean room Newsletter November 13th – 16th, 2018


Hello, Pre-K families!

It’s been another great week here in the Ocean room. We spent our time together focusing on what makes a good friend and how to form friendships. Next week will be short but sweet, talking more about gratitude and friendship. We will also review letters A – I,  and resume our alphabet study when we return from Thanksgiving break.


Thanks and Reminders


*We now have a tray to house boots for rainy days!

*Next week is a short (2-day) week. Please let us know if you will be getting a head start on your Thanksgiving holiday and missing any school so we can plan accordingly! 🙂

*Please leave toys at home UNLESS it is intended for share time.

*We need family pictures for the board from Golda and Lucie M.

*If you have not yet returned your parent form, please do so by Monday November 19th.


Tuesday we began the week talking more about friendship by making friendship bracelets with beads that each represent ways to be a good friend. After that, Miss Nina came for her monthly visit and read three awesome stories to us: Angus All Aglow, Phone Call With a Fish and Franklin and Luna Go to the Moon. For Music and Movement, we sang along to, “10 Green Bottles” and “No More Pie.” We also played the “Find and Seek” game where everyone got to hide something in the room for the others to find, using the words hot and cold to aid in finding the item.


Wednesday morning, we read, How To Be a Friend. For the related project, we made a “Tree of Friendship,” where everyone dictated words on a water colored leaf about what makes a good friend. This is now on display on the west wall of the classroom. For Music and Movement, we watched a book on video about interrupting called, My Mouth is a Volcano. We also read a great book called, Millie Fierce about a little girl who was tired of being ignored, so she starts behaving badly to get attention.


Thursday we read, Being Friends. This was a fun, rhyming book about two girls who are nothing alike, but the best of friends. It was a great example of how to embrace all of our differences.  For the related project we started working on compliment cards to exchange in class. For Music and Movement, the second group watched, My Mouth is a Volcano and rocked out to the, “Body Rock” song. We also got to play with fresh, classroom made play-doh.


Friday we celebrated Eli’s birthday. While he decorated his crown with stickers, the rest of us colored beautiful birthday pages for his birthday book. For Music and Movement, we did all of the favorites, “We Are the Dinosaurs,” “Let’s Go Swimming” and “Going On a Bear Hunt.” Before rest time we watched a great story on video called, Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker.


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

Another fun day in the Gym this week. We played Veggie and Fruit Tag, Protein tag where we got to flex our muscles, Night at the museum, Parachute, agility drills, and more. I encourage the kids to do our gym stretches on the weekends when they wake up and I am sure they would be happy to show all of you (maybe even a gym game or two on the week off). Thanks!


Have a great weekend!

-Team Pre-K!