Galaxy room Week in Review March 4-8, 2019  

 Galaxy room Week in Review March 4-8, 2019


Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Jacob’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • The next Person of the Week will be Azalea
  • The next letter of the week will be Vv
  • Art Show details coming soon!!
  • SPRING BREAK is March 25-29 and Pre-K will be closed. Heading out of town early for spring break? Please let us know via email at if you will be leaving early or returning late from break.
  • LICE: Irvington currently has several classrooms with multiple cases of lice, and we have at least one confirmed case in our own classroom. Please help us prevent a lice outbreak by considering the following:

Once a week, sneak a peek! Regularly check your child’s hair at home (clean, wet hair is easiest to check)

Limit nap materials to a small stuffed animal or a small blanket that easily fit all the way inside their cubby without hanging out

-Wash nap materials weekly in hot water (130℉) and dry on high heat

We also really appreciate a heads up if any siblings get lice so that we can take preventive measures.


Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced Reuben as the Person of the Week and continued with the letter Uu for our Alphabet Study. We continued counting down to the last day of

school with our Hundreds Chart. This week we began our exciting art unit, where we’ll spend three weeks learning about various artists and experiment with different art techniques! Today we focused on Henri Matisse and we read Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette Winter. We examined and discussed Matisse’s use of bright, vivid colors in both his painting and scissor work. For our

special project, we attempted to “draw with scissors” just like Matisse.


Tuesday: Today we had a great time exploring the painting process in the style of Eric Carle. Students chose from a range of colors to paint their paper. We focused on painting long strokes with the paint brush, and blending colors together. The painted paper will be used for an artist focus on Wednesday, where we will be creating landscape collages.


Wednesday: Today we are looking at Alma Thomas, a former teacher who was recognized for her artistic talents at the age of 80. One of her paintings was hung in the private dining area of the White House during the Obama administration. Although Ms.Thomas used paint to achieve her mosaic looking landscapes, we will take the painted paper students made on Tuesday and cut them into small squares to make our landscapes in the style of her paintings. The students worked hard to keep some space between the squares of painted paper as they carefully arranged them on their paper. The students also titled their collage.


Thursday: We explored action painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. We read Jackson Pollock from the Getting to Know The World’s Greatest Artists series. We looked at examples of this style, then we used a 4×6 canvas to try it out ourselves! Using a variety of media, we dripped, threw, flung, and splattered paint. We also incorporated some handprints the same way Pollock did in the base work of Number 1. We had a blast experimenting with this vigorous style and our giant canvas turned out great!


Friday: We worked on finishing up some of the art projects from the week. During group time students shared what they enjoyed about the art we explored this week. We also read a few books about color. We read Living Color and discussed how we use a variety of names for the colors we see. We also read Swatch, The Girl Who Loved Color by Julia Denos. We also read Reuben’s Person of the Week book, which he took home to share with his family. Thanks for another great week!


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We are back in full swing in the gym while we celebrate our artistry and some world famous artists. We played Jackson Pollock tag, Matisse Tag, Night at the Art Museum, Strike a pose, and other games. It is great seeing kids who were a bit too shy to be taggers at the start of the school year getting more confident and willing to volunteer. Looking forward to more art games in the following weeks.

Have a great weekend

-Galaxy room