Ocean room Newsletter March 11th – 15th

Ocean room Newsletter March 11th – 15th, 2019


Hello, Pre-K families!

We have had a busy, but awesome week learning about and creating all kinds of art! Next week we will finish our unit on art and the letter of the week will be Xx. Please help your child choose something for share that begins with Xx.



Thanks and Reminders

*Next Thursday and Friday (March 21st and 22nd) @ pick up time, we will be holding an art exhibit to showcase our most special projects we have worked on throughout the art unit. Please come by to see your child’s hard work!

  • Heading out of town early for spring break? Please let us know via email if you will be leaving early or returning late from break.
  • Just a reminder we are closed 4/25-29.

*Thank you to Rhys and his family for providing the yummy snacks! Next week Eliana’s family is on snack duty!

*Thank you to Adrian’s and Sadie’s family for providing fresh Play-Doh! Next week Eli’s family will be bringing some more!



Monday morning was rather busy! First we began working on Person of the Week pages for Eliana. We learned that she loves horsies and the colors: pink and purple. Then we celebrated Sebastian’s half birthday by coloring pages for his book with dictated well wishes. For Music and Movement, we played, “Bug Under the Rug” and sang along to “Apples and Bananas” and also watched a short video of Curious George making sand art.


Tuesday at our morning meeting we read, Action Jackson about the famous painter, Jackson Pollock and viewed some of his most famous works of art. Then for the related project we did a similar kind of painting like Jackson, but instead of splattering the paint, we dipped string into the paint and pulled and swirled across the paper. They turned out great and will be on display next week for the Pre-K art exhibit. We also had a visit from Miss Nina, the best librarian in the west. She read two fun stories for us: Henri’s Scissors and Donkey Egg and finished her visit singing the “Fruit Salad” song with the class. For Music and Movement, we played “Doggy, Doggy” and listened to a book on CD called, The Garbage Barge.


Wednesday we read, Paris in the Spring with Picasso and learned more about Pablo Picasso, looking at some examples of still life art. For our related project we did still life drawings of some flowers that Teacher Mir brought from his garden using Sharpie and watercolor. These will also be on display at the Pre-K art show next week. For Music and Movement, we played, “Guess What’s Missing?” and then marched and sang along to, “We Are the Dinosaurs.”


Thursday morning, we read about a famous artist named, Alma Thomas and viewed some of her most famous pieces. She was known for her large abstract paintings of dense, irregular shaped patterns of bright colors. For our related project, we painted paper in a variety of different colors, let them dry and then cut them into irregular squares and rectangles to be pasted onto paper in the Alma Thomas style. These too will be on display next week at the show. For Music and Movement, we sang and did the movements to, “Going On a Bear Hunt” and “The Cat Came Back.”


Friday morning everyone was eager to do the art project! We talked about working with clay and gave the class the option of making an animal or pinch pot. Everyone got the same amount of clay to work with and had a blast just creating! These will dry over the weekend so we can paint them next week. We also practiced the sounds, sign language and written version of letter Ww. At the end of the day we read Eliana’s Person of the Week book and gave it to her to keep until she is 100 or so.


Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

This week in the gym we played some Art inspired games, as well as some games with focus on the letter “V.” We played Painter Tag, Rock Paper Scissors Tag, Portrait Tag, and other fun games like Pin Down and CLEAN YOUR ROOM! I am trying to give them more running opportunities in the gym now that they have a better understanding of safe play and spatial awareness. I never force kids to run and they always have the option to hop, walk, or skip.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


-Team Pre-K!