Galaxy room Week In Review

Galaxy room Week In Review

August 27-30 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • There will be no Pre-K Monday 9/2 for Labor Day. See you Tuesday!
  • We have several students with severe allergies to hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, and sesame, so please double check that granola bars and other packaged items that you are sending for lunchtime do not contain these  nut products or sesame oil. Seed butters, like sunflower butter, are great alternatives!
  • Please see the take-home sheet for our fun Life In a Bag project! We will begin sharing on Tuesday. We will kick off our All About Me theme with this project.
  •  It is very helpful to label all lunch boxes and water bottles with your child’s first name

and last initial. Water bottles can stay at school for the week and go home on Friday. Also, lunch boxes are placed in the large tubs under the counter by the door.

  • Please make sure that there is a weather appropriate change of clothes in your child’s cubby in case of accidents.
  • Lastly, there is a sign-up sheet for snack located on the sign-in table. Please make sure you have signed up for two weeks of snack.

Monday: Open House & Family Potluck!

Tuesday: Happy First Week of School! We spent a lot of time getting to know each other

through sharing, songs, and games! We sang several name songs to help us remember each

other’s names, and found all the places around the room where students’ names are located. Students got familiar with the classroom, teachers, and each other. We also went over each of the areas in our classroom. Everything in our room has a place, and students are becoming accustomed to where everything goes. Today we also read Happy School Year and School’s First Day of School.

Wednesday: We continued talking about important school routines, safety, what school is like, and left lots of time to answer questions! We talked about “walking feet” in our classroom, voice

levels (0-4) and where we use each one, and “peaceful play” at school. We also continued with our daily routine of morning meeting which involves calendar and weather and counting on the 100’s chart to track our days together at school. Today we read This Is The Way We Go To School and My First Day At a New School.

Thursday: We talked about hands are for helping. We also talked about all the ways we can

be helpful in the classroom, like cleaning up after ourselves both with play materials, and

messes. We are encouraging self sufficiency and independence in Pre-K as well as respecting the rules and each other. We also continued talking about school safety and fire drills in particular. A regular part of time at school will be fire drills, lockdown drills, lock-in drills, and earthquake drills. We will send out the PPS protocol on drills so families know what the procedures are and have a chance to discuss them at home!

Friday: We wrapped up our week with more fun songs, games, and choices. We explored play

dough, fuse beads, fun in the dramatic play area, and rice in the sensory table. It seems like our class is really finding a good flow of energy and confidence, and we are so excited to start our next week together. In anticipation of the school-wide monthly fire drills, we did a quick walk through of our fire drill routine. Students did a great job with our practice fire drill! Also, we sent home Life In a Bag assignment, which is to be returned next week for sharing. Enjoy the long weekend!

Gym Time With Teacher Mike:

We started off our year in the gym going over rules and expectations, and playing a few introductory games. Our three main gym rules are to be safe, be nice, and to have fun! All of our games are inclusive (nobody loses and nobody gets out). I try to play games that teach kids skills that they can use in future games. We focus on supporting classmates through cheer, getting exercise, shaking our sillies out, and participating in healthy play. Looking forward to a great year!

Thanks for all the positive support in assisting us with a successful school year!