Galaxy Room Week In Review

Galaxy Room Week In Review

September 3-6, 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Our Pre-K day is from 8:45am-3:00pm. If you need to arrive or pickup outside of those times, please let us know via email or through a note in the sign-in book. Also, late pick-ups may result in fees. (Please refer to handbook for specifics.)
  • Every day students sign themselves in on their own sign in sheets while parents sign in on the state roster. Please remind/encourage your student to attempt this task each day. This small amount of practice makes a big difference and is an important part of the day!
  •  Please make sure your child has a water bottle every day.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: In Morning Meeting we introduced the month of September during our calendar time, and we continued counting the days we have attended school on our Hundreds Chart. This week we began our first unit of the year, All About Me. During group time, we read Here Are My Hands by Martin and Archambault, and we painted our hands and created hand prints for our project!

Wednesday: We continued discussing All About Me, and in group time we read I Like

Myself by Karen Beaumont. For our special project, we examined our facial features in

a mirror and used sharpies and watercolors to create self-portraits. We continued sharing our Life in A Bag projects with each other.

Thursday: During group time we read Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, and we discussed our similarities and differences. We continued sharing our Life in A Bag projects and learning all about our new friends! We also wrapped up our self-portraits. These projects will be hanging up in the classroom, come check them out!

Friday: Today we read Now I’m Big by Margaret Miller and Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall. We talked about all the things that make us feel brave and happy just like Jabari. During group time we discussed our Classroom Job Helpers, which we will start next week. We also finished up our Life in a Bag project. Thanks for another wonderful week of Pre-K!

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We added some new games to the gym this week with Cookie Monster, Clean Your Room, Birds Nest, Hot Dog and more. We have a fun stretching routine we do before our games that I encourage the class to do on the weekend (I’m sure they will be happy to teach you)! I am blown away by how focused this group has been in the gym already and how seriously they take their “Play.” Have a great weekend!