Ocean Rooom Newsletter September 3rd – 6th, 2019

Irvington Pre-K Newsletter September 3rd – 6th, 2019

Hello, Pre-K families!

We had another short but sweet week here in The Ocean Room sharing all about ourselves through “Life in a Bag!” Everyone who shared did such a great job in front of their classmates and were so eager to do so, which made it all the more exciting! Next week we will be talking all about families and sharing about our own!

Thanks, and Reminders

Thank you to Teddy’s family for providing snack this week. Next week Vaughn’s family is on snack duty!

If you have not yet signed up for two weeks of snack, please do so on the sign-up sheet next to the sign-in/sign-out book by the front door of the classroom.

Please bring a family photo with your entire immediate family in it (if you haven’t done so already).

Tuesday we kicked off our day with two new activities in the classroom: Kinetic sand in the sensory table with all kinds of fun tools and the painting easel! These stations are in such high demand, they require a sign-up list and a time limit. We also pulled out the magnetic alphabet set which helps us practice how to write each letter. Throughout the day we read, I like Myself and Alike and Different. 

Wednesday morning, we read, Two Eyes a Nose and Mouth which was the perfect segway into drawing self-portraits using Sharpies! Everyone had the chance to look in the mirror while drawing their own face. They turned out wonderfully! We also talked more about the rules of the Pre-K classroom. We already knew the first rule: Be safe. We then learned the next two were to: Be a Helper and Be a Friend. We discussed how even just the acts of simply listening and following directions are a sign of a good helper. We finished the day with a few shares from “Life in a Bag.”

Thursday during our morning choices, we used vibrant watercolor paints to finish our self-portraits. This completed the self-portrait project and these should be on display in no time! The class did a wonderful job! We also read, I’m Gonna Like Me and What If……

 Our day ended sharing more “Life in a Bag.”

Friday, we began working on answering the Pre-K time capsule questions that we do at the beginning and end of each school year. It asks things like, “What’s your favorite…….. color, food, book, toy, time of day at school” etc. We also pulled out more beads for bracelet, necklace and keychain crafting! We ended the day with a book called, Now I’m Big.

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We added some new games to the gym this week with Cookie Monster, Clean Your Room, Birds Nest, Hot Dog and more. We have a fun stretching routine we do before our games that I encourage the class to do on the weekend (I’m sure they will be happy to teach you)! I am blown away by how focused this group has been in the gym already and how seriously they take their “Play.” Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

-Team Pre-K!