Galaxy room Week In Review

Galaxy room Week In Review

Sept.9-13 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Elizabeth’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  •  We are noticing a lot of students who are hungry throughout the day, as they are adjusting to their new Pre-K school schedule. We eat lunch at 11:45, and have an afternoon snack at 2:15. Please take a moment to talk with your child about their lunch time needs, and the importance of fueling their bodies and minds with healthy food.
  • Please make sure to sign up for 2 weeks of snack so that we cover the entire school year. Sign-up sheet is located near the sign-in book.
  • Irvington had a school-wide fire drill on Wednesday. Pre-K did an awesome job! We will practice fire drills monthly along with the Irvington School. Also, we will be practicing other drills throughout the year, such as Lockdown, Lockout, and Earthquake.

Monday: This week we also started our Family unit. We read This is My Family, Jonnathan and his Mommy, and My Day and Me. We talked about families and counted how many people are in each of our families. We also looked at who is in our family, and looked at our family photos on the family board. For our project, we used colored pencils to draw pictures of our family and named all the people in our drawings.

Tuesday: Today we read My Family Community by Bobbie Kalman and Families by Shelley

Rotner and Sheila Kelly. We talked about fun things we do with our families and students

shared what they really like to do with their family. Some of the things we shared that we like to

do with our family are playing games, eating food at restaurants, watching movies, reading

books, riding bikes, and snuggling. During our choice time, students worked on their scissor skills by cutting shapes out of pieces of painted paper. We talked about the different shapes we cut, as well as being safe with our scissors.

Wednesday: We continued our discussion on families by focusing on the non-human members

of our families. During group time, we practiced our listening skills while we took turns sharing

about the pets we have at home (or pets we wish we had). For our special project, we used

crayons to create portraits of our pets or dream pets, and posted them onto a pet chart in the

classroom! Today we also had a fire drill, and the students did a great job listening and following

the directions.

Thursday: We talked about friends today, and read What Is a Friend? and All Kinds of Friends by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly. We discussed all the different kinds of friends we can have, how they can be part of our family and part of our classroom, and that having many friends can make us very happy. For our project students made a friendship bracelet for one friend in the classroom. Students drew a name out of a basket and made the bracelet for that person. Everyone made one and everyone got one!

Friday: During group time we discussed our upcoming Alphabet Study. Each week we will focus on a letter, practicing letter sounds, writing the letter, and exploring words that begin with that letter. Our first letter will be Aa. We will also begin our Person of the Week. Each week a different student will be highlighted. We do an interview with that student, then all the other students draw a picture which goes into a keepsake book that the student takes home. We go through students in alphabetical order and our first person of the week will be Adrian! We finished up some projects from the week, and wrapped up discussions on family and friends. We also had a chance to glue the shapes we cut out on Tuesday, to practice some simple collage work. Another great week in Pre-K!

Gym Time With Teacher Mike:

This week the kids earned a parachute day! We launched balls in the air and ran under the parachute while we all worked together to move it up and down. We also started our first few tag games. I wanted to establish clear spatial boundaries and safe play in the gym before we played tag, and this was the week we made it happen. I’m proud of all the students ,and the great progress they have already made. Have a nice weekend everyone.