Galaxy Room Week In Review

Galaxy Room Week In Review

September 23-27, 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Blair’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Our full day is from 8:45-3:00 and morning meeting happens at 9:00. Arriving before morning meeting gives your child a chance to greet friends, settle into the room, and get ready for the day. Our morning meeting provides support in developing early math concepts such as sequencing, number recognition, and rote counting. Morning meeting also helps set the tone for the rest of the day, and is an important part of Pre-K.
  • The next Person of the Week will be Blair
  • The next Letter of the Week will be Cc
  • Next week will be begin our Five Senses unit. As part of this, we will be exploring different smells. Please notify teachers immediately if your child is allergic or sensitive to any of the following: lavender, ginger, curry, cumin, cinnamon, clove, anise, thyme, rosemary, coffee.
  • We ask that parents and students do not discuss, arrange, or share invitations to birthday parties and playdates at school unless everyone is invited. At this age, play date and birthday talk often results in social exclusion behaviors at school and creates a lot of unhappiness.
  • Irvington experienced a Lock Out on Wednesday due to an unsafe situation in the neighborhood. During a Lock Out the building perimeter is secured, nobody is allowed in or out, and it’s business as usual inside the classroom.
  • Irvington had a school wide Lock Down drill on Friday. Pre-K did a great job following directions. We will practice this drill a few times throughout the year.

Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Azalea as the Person of the Week, and we continued our Alphabet Study with the letter Bb. We used our Hundreds Chart to count the days we have been in school together. In group time, we began exploring our Community Helpers unit and talked about all the people who help us in our community. We read Helpers In My Community and I Want to be a Librarian. We focused on Librarians, who are wonderful Community Helpers. For our project, students used colored pencils to decorate bookmarks. Students could choose from bookmarks that said READ, I Love Books and I  Books on them. Students also glued these to cardstock and thread a piece of yarn through the small hole. We hope you all enjoy putting these in any book you’re reading together.

Tuesday: Today we continued our study of community helpers. We read Jobs People Do and A Day with Firefighters. We prepared for our firefighter visit on Thursday by creating a BIG thank you card for them! We signed our names and wrote special messages. Students loved the new dramatic play area which has been transformed into a fire station.

Wednesday: We talked about mail carriers, mail boxes, letters and mail. We read Delivering Your Mail and Stanley the Mailman. For our project, students made post cards. Students drew on their post card with Sharpie and then used watercolor paints to decorate the front. Teachers wrote the address and added a short message. We will add a stamp to the post cards and walk these to the big blue mailbox on Friday. Look for these in your mailbox!

Thursday: We continued our discussion about community helpers by focusing on emergency responders, such as firefighters, police officers, and EMRs. We also discussed what to do in emergency situations and to always let parents, teachers, or caregivers know when they are scared or see something that looks unsafe. We practiced recognizing the numbers 911, and talked about how that is a number to dial when there is an emergency or we need help. We also practiced saying our first and last names. We had a very special visit from our local fire station! They even let us walk through their fire truck!!

Friday: We wrapped up our study of Community Helpers. We read from a wide variety of I Want To Be a… series; covering Teacher, Nurse, Doctor, Builder, Police Officer and Librarian. We also had a walking trip to the big Blue Mailbox on the corner of 15th and NE Knott street. Students took their post cards and put them in the box. We also shared our favorite moments from the firefighter visit yesterday! This was a very exciting experience for our students. 

Gym Time With Teacher Mike:

This week in the gym was a blast! We played some Firefighter tag to celebrate or visitors, Line tag to practice boundaries, My DVD player, four corners and more. We also included some Letter B activities like Burrito Walking. As the rain starts to come we may have a few days where our gym time is in the classroom but it will not stop us from having a great time. Enjoy the weekend!