Galaxy room Week In Review

Galaxy room Week In Review

Sept.30-Oct.4 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Zinnia’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Conference sign-ups are out! Please select a daytime or evening slot to discuss your child’s progress! Conferences are adult-only, please make other arrangements for your child during that time.
  • Oct.11th: PreK regular schedule

Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced Cc as the letter of the week and Blair as the new

Person of the Week. We continued practicing our rote counting skills with our Hundreds Chart, and we rotated Classroom Job Helpers. This week we began our Five Senses unit. Throughout the week we will explore our sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Today we explored our sense of smell as we sniffed some “mystery scents” for our project! They were all culinary grade spices and herbs. We built literacy skills as we described what our noses were experiencing and then voted for our favorites. The students had a lot of things to say like: “it smells like salsa,” “it definitely goes on an apple,” “it smells like chicken sauce,” “like burrito,” “so yummy,” “smells like grass,” and “flowers.”

Tuesday: Today we experimented with our sense of sight! We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw, and this was our inspiration for the special project. Students put blobs and splatters of white paint onto blue paper. Then they folded their paper in half to press the paint together. When we opened the paper back up, students told us what they saw. These will be hanging in the classroom soon.

Wednesday: We continued to explore our five senses by focusing on our sense of hearing. We

talked about how our ears work, the different kinds of things we can hear with them, and how to keep our ears safe. For our special project, we used beans, rice, tapioca pearls, and lentils to create our own noisemakers! We also had a fun listening game at our circle time trying to figure out which whistle made the sound.

Thursday: We discussed our sense of touch. We talked about how our whole bodies and sense temperature changes or bark chips in our shoes, scratchy tags on our clothes and wet rain on our faces and bodies. For our project, students looked at the items on the Touch Board. We talked about how they might feel. Then students reached into a bag to see if they could find an item on the board only using their sense of touch. Students used some great description words like; spiky, scratchy, soft, cozy, smooth, fuzzy, hard, dry, bumpy, rough, feels like turf, fluffy, silky and waxy in order to describe the items on the board.

Friday: We experimented with our sense of taste! We had a special snack consisting of sweet marshmallow treats, sour lemons, bitter 85% cacao chocolate, salty corn chips, and savory (or umami) seaweed. This produced a lot of conversation about what each student likes to eat and what kinds of food they don’t care for. We also read Blair’s Person of the Week book and sent it home with her.

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

We spent the week in gym playing games that involve our senses like Sour face tag, spicy tag, soft touch tag, fluffy ball relay and more.  The energy has been great and the kids have been very helpful with remembering gym routines (which lets us play more games)! Everyone have a wonderful Autumn weekend!