Galaxy room Week in Review

Galaxy room Week in Review

Oct.21-25 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Adrian’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Please note that Pre-K does not celebrate any holidays, including Halloween. Please leave all costumes, treats, and all Halloween related items at home to be enjoyed outside of school.
  • Conferences are next Friday! Please see the signup sheet by the door to confirm your time slot and make sure you have arrangements for your child as the conferences are a “kid-free” time.
  • We have several students in our room with severe allergies (peanut, sesame, walnut, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, almond) so please double check that granola bars, spreads, and other lunch items do not contain these ingredients. Thank you!!
  • We had our monthly fire drill on Wednesday. The students did a wonderful job moving quickly and quietly!
  • It is so important for students to have weather-appropriate clothing every day, including boots that can withstand the rain. We use the outdoors as an extension of the learning environment and explore mud, puddles, trees, plants, and more every day, rain or shine!

Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Elizabeth as the Person of the Week, and the letter Ff as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. This week we began our Nocturnal Animal unit. We discussed the meaning of “nocturnal” and shared some animals that fit this category. We read Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor. During our morning outside time, we visited the Irvington School garden and toured the garden boxes assigned to PreK! We took the pumpkin that we explored last Wednesday to the garden. We noticed that it had begun to mold and rot over the weekend, and we compared our pumpkin to the photos in the book Rotten Pumpkin. We also decorated a crown for Freddie’s birthday.

Tuesday: We continued discussing nocturnal animals. We read Night Animals by Gianna Marino. For our special project, we created mixed media night scenes using twigs, pastels, and googly eyes! In the classroom, students enjoyed coloring pages that focused on nocturnal animals, and the sensory table now has brown lentils, large river rocks and a few wolves and coyotes. During outside time, we explored our new outdoor tools! We had a blast raking and shoveling fall leaves around the playground! We also decorated a crown for Ella’s birthday.

Wednesday: We talked about owls and the things that make them special animals, even among

birds! We enjoyed reading Twilight Hunt by Narelle Oliver, and Owls Live in a Tree. For our project, students made an owl out of paper and felt. We also practiced reciting the poem I’m a wide-eyed owl with the hand motions too.

Thursday: Today we talked about moths. We read from Scholastic Reader’s Night Creatures and Night Animals and discussed some of the differences between butterflies and moths. For our project, students filled the inside of a moth-shaped outline drawn on construction paper using a variety of materials. We identified different body parts and we used fuzzy yarn for the antennae, felted wool fabric for the body and tissue paper for the wings. We also worked on our letter F pages during our group time.

Friday: We wrapped up our week on nocturnal animals by reading a few more interesting books

during group time and finishing projects. We all enjoyed listening to Itz DuTak? by Carson Ellis on CD and we also read While the World Was Sleeping by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Today we sent home 7 pumpkin seeds (to be planted in the spring) in a small student decorated bag. In the afternoon, we shared Elizabeth’s Person of the Week book!

Gym Time with Teacher Mike:

For nocturnal week we played Stinky Skunk, Racoon tag, Mr. Fox, Fox Hole, and many other games. We also included the letter F with some Birds Nest using Falcons and Flamingos. Thanks to all the kids for reminding me not to rip my pants during our butterfly stretches this week!