Galaxy room Week In Review

Galaxy room Week In Review

November 4-8 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Louisa’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • Next week we will focus on healthy eating, and the Letter of the Week will be H.
  • The Next Person of the Week will be Elliott
  • Upcoming school closures: No Pre-K November 11th, 28th, and 29th
  • Irvington had a school-wide fire drill on Wednesday. It was a surprise drill and the students knew exactly what to do! Fantastic work by the Pre-K students.

Monday: In morning meeting, we introduced Ella as our Person of the Week and

the letter Gg as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. This week we began our Health and

Wellness unit. We discussed what we can do to keep our bodies healthy. Students came up

with all kinds of great ideas like, exercise, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, drinking

water, eating healthy foods, and getting rest. Today we focused on germs! We discussed

catching our coughs and sneezes. We read Germs Are Not For Sharing, and talked a lot about

washing our hands after we use a tissue to blow our noses, when we cough or sneeze in our

hands, and after using the bathroom. For our project, we examined photos of germs and

created our own germ illustrations. We also used glitter to demonstrate how easily germs can spread! Students also decorated a crown to celebrate Eland’s 5th birthday!

Tuesday: Today we talked about our bones! We read My Body and learned how our bones hold

our body upright. We learned that we have 270 bones when we are born, but only 206 when we

are fully grown. We also talked about the foods that help keep our bones strong. For our special

project, we created pasta skeletons This fun activity challenged students to notice the different

sizes and shapes of bones in the body, and created some great discussions! We began making pages for Ella’s Person of the Week book based on our interview of Ella.

Wednesday: We continued our talks about keeping healthy. We read My Healthy Body

by Bobbie Kalman, and Healthy Eating by Deborah Chancellor. Students talked about the foods

that help them grow. We each shared some of our favorite fruits and vegetables and sang the

Farmer’s Market song. We also talked about friends and friendships. We read Mo Willem’s book called My New Friend. This helped frame our discussion about our friends having other friends too. Students shared all the different kinds of friends we can have in our life, and how we are all friends in the classroom. We also discussed how having many friends is good for your health.

Thursday: We continued talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy by focusing dental hygiene. We talked about the importance of keeping our teeth healthy and visiting the dentist two times a year. Students guessed how many teeth we have in our mouths, and some students shared about the teeth they have lost. For our project, we practiced our tooth brushing skills by painting with toothbrushes! Students also enjoyed brushing and flossing some models of some teeth during choice time.

Friday: We focused on moving our bodies and getting exercise/movement every day. For

our project, students engaged in a variety of exercises that got our hearts pumping! In

the gym we participated in a Fitness Challenge. Students did frog jumps, jumping jacks, running, galloping or skipping, some yoga stretches and an obstacle course. Each student received a certificate with some cool stickers for their participation!  We also read Ella’s Person of the Week Book!