Galaxy Room Week In Review

Galaxy Room Week In Review

November 18-22 2019

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Zinnia’s family for providing the delicious snack this week!
  • Irvington had a school wide Lock Out Drill on Tuesday. A Lock Out is activated when there is an unsafe situation outside the school building. Teachers secure classroom doors and it’s business as usual inside the classroom.
  • Next week is a short (3-day) week. We are closed November 28 & 29th.  Please let us know if you will be getting a head start on your Thanksgiving holiday and missing any school so we can plan accordingly! 🙂
  • Next week’s theme will be Gratitude.

Monday: In Morning Meeting we introduced Elliott as the new Person of the Week, and the letter Ii as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. We also continued counting the days we have attended school with the Hundreds Chart. This week we started our super fun Cooking unit! We read Cooking With Henry and Elliebelly and Little Chef. Students shared about food that they have helped prepare in our homes. We also explored some kitchen tools, and talked about how we use them. Students started making pages for Elliott’s Person of the Week book.

Tuesday: We continued our discussion about preparing healthy food by reading Yummy! Good

Food Makes Me Strong! by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly. We also talked about how food can

taste different depending on if it’s eaten alone or mixed with other ingredients. For our special

project, we worked together in small groups to make delicious, vitamin and fiber packed

smoothies! *Please see the recipe below.

Wednesday: Today we made pancakes! Students helped measure, pour, mix and stir the ingredients into a pancake batter. The teachers cooked them on an electric skillet, and we ate them with fruit for our snack. We read a variety of books about pancakes. We read The Story of Little Babaji and If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

Thursday:  We focused on the communal and social aspects of food. We read Soup Day by Melissa Iwai, and a version of Stone Soup by Jon J Muth. We discussed how everyone worked together bringing ingredients from their homes to help make the soup. This helped build friendships and community between the most reluctant and suspicious neighbors. For our project and as part of our snack, students took turns shaking a glass jar filled with heavy cream to make butter. The teachers cut up the vegetables that everyone brought from their homes and combined all the delicious ingredients into a hotpot to make a flavorful soup. Everyone enjoyed the soup and the bread and butter. It was a great example of everyone working together to make a yummy snack!

Friday: Today we read The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) retold by Philemon Sturges. We talked about how the Little Red Hen’s generosity helped others return the same kind of kindness. We also read Elliott’s Person of the Week book and students worked on their Letter I pages. We wrapped up our cooking unit with another fun cooking project. We made our own healthy popsicles! We took banana halves, dipped them in yogurt, sprinkled them with crushed freeze dried fruit, and froze them. **Please see the recipe below

*Sensational Smoothie

1 cup coconut milk (substitute almond milk or other nut milk)

1 tsp chia seeds

1⁄2 cup spinach

1⁄2 cup frozen strawberries

1 frozen banana

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

**Banana Popsicles

½ banana

¼ cup yogurt

1 Tbsp crushed freeze-dried fruit (or chopped dried fruit)

Dip banana half into yogurt, sprinkle dried fruit over the top, freeze, and enjoy!