Galaxy Room Week In Review

Week In Review

February 3-7, 2020

Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Maggie as the new Person of the Week and the letter Pp as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. This week we began our Friendship unit. We started with a collaborative project about friendship and conflict resolution. We will be making books to read and to have in our library both about friendship and resolving our conflicts. We read With A Friend By Your Side and What Is a Friend. We talked about who can be our friend and what kinds of things we like to do with our friends. For our project, students drew a picture and dictated words of what a friend is. We made this into a classroom book that we will read this week and have in our classroom library.

Tuesday: We focused on four ways to solve conflicts and help ourselves when things

happen. Our four target areas were: asserting/using words (key ideas: firmly telling others to

stop when they hurt our bodies or feelings, being specific about what needs to change),

compromising/taking turns (key ideas: sharing, using multiple ideas to create a game, switching

roles), getting help (key ideas: asking a teacher or other adult/leader for help when other conflict

resolution strategies don’t work), and making amends/how to give and receive an apology (key

ideas: helping others up, helping fix something broken, saying sorry doesn’t excuse us from

being responsible, giving other people space if they need it after an apology, accepting an

apology with specific and assertive words like Thanks for saying sorry, please dont ___ anymore.) These are strategies that will be useful not only in our classroom but in

elementary school as well, where lunch and recess have much less supervision and behavior

boundaries are often tested. Students thought about problems that sometimes occur in our classroom and they drew a picture depicting how they could solve the problem. They dictated words explaining their drawing and these will be put into a Pre-K Problem-Solving book.

Wednesday: Today we celebrated our 100th day of school!  We read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day. We decorated 100 Day paper crowns, built structures with 100 Lego, 100 mini blocks, and 100 click cubes. Students played Race to 100 with dice and a hundreds chart, tried writing 100 sight words and did 100 warm-up exercises in the gym. We also counted out 100 pieces of snack onto our 100’s chart and then ate them at snack. We finished off the day with a very lively dance party!

Thursday: We discussed what friendship means to each of us. We read Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, and talked about what friends do for each other.  For our special project, students were paired up and drew portraits of our friends! We worked hard and paid special attention to each friend’s unique facial features. We also continued working on Person of the Week pages for Maggie’s book, and letter P pages for our alphabet study.

Friday: We were all very excited to have our art show in the afternoon. During our small group time, we reviewed all the artists we studied over the past three weeks and talked about the art we made. Students shared which artists they liked and what they were most proud of making.  Thank you for coming to the Art Show! It was wonderful to see you all and share the students’ hard work. We also read Maggie’s Person of the Week book.

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Maggie for the delicious snack this week!
  • Valentines Day is coming up, but Pre-K, consistent with our holiday policy, will not be celebrating Valentines Day. Please refer to the February curriculum newsletter to hear more about the fun friendship unit we’ll be doing during that time! If your child has valentines to give to friends, please arrange a time outside of school to give them. We ask that valentines are not put in cubbies or take home boxes.
  • Since lunch occurs right before rest time, please keep sugary foods and treats to enjoy at home. A balanced lunch low in sugar and high in protein helps students be ready to rest and face the afternoon with lots of lasting energy!
  • There is no Pre-K on Monday, February 17th