Galaxy room week in review

Week In Review

February10-14 2020

  • Thanks to Maggie’s family for the delicious snack this week!
  • There is no Pre-K on Monday, February 17th. See you Tuesday!
  • PPS Kindergarten registration deadlines are approaching! CONNECT TO KINDERGARTEN

Monday: In Morning Meeting, we introduced Zinnia as the new and final Person of the Week and the letter Qq as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. We used our Hundreds Chart to count down to the last day of school, which is only 78 days away! This week we continued our friendship unit. We decorated small bags for our warm fuzzy project. All week students will be thinking about friendly words to say to their friends and dictating them into “warm fuzzies.” They added a small puffy onto the paper and wrote their own name. We read Kindness Book by Todd Parr, and I Will Surprise My Friend by Mo Willems.

Tuesday: We focused on how our words and actions can make people feel happy and warm inside. We read In Your Heart, a book about feelings and talked about how our words are powerful, and are best used to make people happy. We also talked about how our hearts feel and Students continued working on our warm fuzzy project and they have some amazing things to say about their friends. We also worked on Zinnia’s Person of the Week pages.

Wednesday: We continued our discussion of friends and how having friends can make

us feel. We read Who Is a Friend? and The Snail and The Whale. For our project, we worked on making more warm fuzzies. During small group time we also worked on letter Q pages for our alphabet study. We also decorated a crown for Louie’s 5th birthday!

Thursday: Today we read Corduroy by Don Freeman. We talked about friendship and identified how Corduroy’s heart might be feeling throughout the story. We worked on lowercase letters in small groups on our whiteboards and finished up letter Q pages. Students continued to make warm fuzzy for each other.

Friday: We celebrated our friends with a friendship party! We spent our project time

thinking of more things we appreciate about each other, and made friendship necklaces for

each other! Students randomly drew a fellow student’s name and made them a necklace trying to use their favorite color adding a small red heart and warm fuzzy beads. In group time we continued discussing how to be a great friend to others and read several more books from one of our favorite series: Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie. These award-winning books explore many ideas related to the social-emotional development of younger children in a simple, relatable way. In the morning, the school librarian visited us in our classroom and read The Last Stop On Market Street.  We danced outside in the sunshine during our morning outside time and finished off our day with a classroom dance party. We handed out friendship necklaces and the warm fuzzies as we said goodbye for the long weekend.

Notes and Reminders