Galaxy Room Week in Review

February 17-21, 2020

Notes and Reminders

  • Thanks to Emma’s family for the delicious snack!
  • We have been noticing some late arrivals. It is very important to set your student up for success by being consistent with your drop-off and pick-up times, and coming to school every day. This not only helps ease anxiety about school, but has also been linked to greater academic achievement as they progress in their school career.
  • If you haven’t yet registered for kindergarten, please check in with your neighborhood school! Early registration helps the district properly prepare for staffing needs in the fall. You can check it out at   for further details.
  • We had our monthly fire drill on Thursday. PreK did an awesome job!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: In Morning Meeting we introduced the letter Rr as the next letter of our Alphabet Study. We continued counting the days of school we have remaining in the school year. This week we started a new unit all about Fairy Tales! We began by looking at castles. We read sections and looked through Castles by David Macaulay. We discussed who lived in castles, if we thought that castles are real or make believe, and how much work there was to be done in a castle. We also read The Last Castle by Travis Jonkers. For the project, students built small castle structures out of blocks and looked at pictures of castles from books. Using the photos from the books and the block structures for inspiration, students drew their own castle with sharpie marker and painted over their drawing using watercolor.

Wednesday: We focused on the fairytale of Jack and The Beanstalk. We read two versions of this fairytale; one by Nina Crews and one by John Cech. We looked at the covers and talked about the similarities and differences, and made some predictions about the telling of the two versions of the fairy tale. We used this fairy tale to help us learn about story sequencing. For our special project, we planted our own magic beans! We also listened to the audiobook of The Little Red Hen. This was a great time for students to use their imagination while hearing the tale. Also, we added white board work as a choice on Wednesday’s quiet book look time.

Thursday: We read two versions of The Princess and The Pea. We looked at the similarities and differences between the two versions. We focused primarily on the version by Rachel Isadora. For our project, students colored a princess, counted and layered paper mattresses, placed them on top of a pea and wrote their name and the number of mattresses they used. This multistep project allowed students to work on a variety of skills and decision making.

Friday: We spent the day wrapping up the week’s awesome projects, working on some optional coloring pages, and reading both new and classic versions of familiar fairy tales. In our small groups, we read Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and listened to the audiobook during our transition to outside. In the afternoon, we watched a portion of Irvington school’s Black History Month celebration assembly.