Please note: we are closely monitoring updates and guidance from public health officials, our county health departments, and the Oregon Health Authority health agencies. We adhere to rigorous sanitation practices and training our staff on the prevention and spread of germs while keeping small, stable groups of children and staff. Rules may change according to the state at any time.

The health and safety of our kids, families and staff is our number 1 priority.

For your child’s safety and per the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Government guidelines:

  • All staff as well as students will wear a face mask at all times during the program
  • IED will follow PPS guidelines with some additional precautions (we will wear masks outside)
  • Here are PPS guidelines
  • Masks may be removed when eating and/or drinking
  • Hepa Filters are in every space our program uses, and windows will remain open as well.
  • Play/work spaces inside are 3 ft apart
  • All IED students use the same entrance/exit door (Room 100, Cafeteria or 111)
  • All students have water bottles filled by staff
  • For more information on Statewide Mask Requirements, please visit
  •  A few of the preventative measures we and our school partners are taking and implementing:
  • The District custodians will increase the frequency of disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, desks, and sinks, as part of increased and enhanced daily cleaning practices.
  • If there is an apparent contagious virus present, districts will follow cleaning and disinfection protocols from county officials and the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Sanitizing program spaces and rotating high-use supplies and materials out to be sanitized.

Health officials support schools in keeping or sending home students and staff members who appear unwell–consistent with the TRI-COUNTY STANDARD EXCLUSION GUIDELINES.