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                  Summer Hours of operation: 7:30-5:30

Summer camp at IED is relaxed and fun, with plenty of time for outside play. Our camp will present an awesome new theme each week that we explore with activities, recipes and games from all over the globe. We will also learn some new songs, dances and play with water on hot summer days! In addition, children will have time to play in the gym, garden, learn new sports, and make cool art.

Activities are designed for Pre-K/Kindergarten aged children ages 4 & 5 (must be 4 years old by June 2020 and toilet trained). Healthy snacks will be offered two times a day. Children are enrolled on a weekly basis. You may register for any week/s. In order to reserve a spot for your child, please register by April 1st, 2020. After that, registrations will be taken on a space available basis.

WEEKLY THEMES                                           

Week 1. FULL** CONSTRUCTION June 8-June 12 A week forLego fans!! You will be developing your brick designing techniques, learning how to make bridges, buildings and cars from a variety of materials.  Outdoor games will be focused on some classics like SPUD, baseball, capture the flag and screaming Viking. We will do some other fun art projects and make silly Lego themed snacks!

Week 2.  FULL** THE NIGHT FOREST June 15-June 19 What goes bump in the night? Well owls of course! And wolves, moths, opossums and skunks. This week we will create some beautiful art around nocturnal animals in the Oregon forest using paper, clay and fabric. We will also learn interesting facts about out moonlight loving animal friends. On the field we will play games like skunk ball, wolf pack run and echo tag. Come howl with us!

Week 3. FULL** FANTASY CREATURES June 22-June 26 Magical beasts take over Irvington this week!  Our enchanted sunny summer mornings will find us outside playing games like dragon tag and unicorn relay. Later, we will be crafting awesome projects like monster eyes, puppets, magical banners and fire breathing masks. When Hogwarts calls, you will be ready. For snack we will make edible magic wands!

Week 4.  FULL** SPACE MADNESS  June 29-July 2    Blast off with us this week into DEEP SPACE.  We will play wacky cosmos themed games like 4-armed alienand have moonwalk relaysacross the field. Later in the day we will create some out of this world art projects like our own glowing paintings, cosmic flags, and Shrinky-dink charm. bracelets. For snack we will make “exploding” star cookies! Come sing songs about stars and dance the planet boogey. **$216

Week 5.  FULL** POTIONS AND PLANTS July 6 -July 10  SLIME CAMP, need we say more? Join us for a week of potions mixing, and all-around silliness in the classroom! Campers can choose from our buffet of slime additives, with things like googly eyes, beads, glitter, shaving cream and rainbow colors. We’ll make giant slime bubbles, kinetic sand, oobleck and colorful fragrant potions with liquid watercolors, flowers and spices. Outside we will learn some awesome group games, songs and dances.

Week 6.   FULL** YEAH! IED OLYMPICS July 13-July 17 Wahoo! Week 6 will focus on 2 great outdoor activities: Water themed games combined with the summer Olympic events every morning on the field. In the afternoon we create beautiful ocean arts like turtle batiks, shark puppets and shimmering dolphins. For snack we will concoct edible beaches where chocolate teddy bears will be lounging in the sand.

Week 7. FULL** PET-STRAVAGANZA  July 20-July 24 Welcome pet lovers! This week we celebrate our furry friends (either real or stuffies) with games & arts. Outside games include Barnyard, doggie doggie, fetch and cross the stream. For our creative projects we will make paper puppies, cat toys, and glitter goldfish. We also will have a “stuffie adoption” and learn about pet care. For special snack we will eat pup-cakes. The classroom will turn into a mini animal clinic.

Week 8.
FULL** AWESOME AUTHORS & ILLUSTRATORS  July 27-July 31 Welcome book lovers! This week, campers will work on spectacular arts and crafts inspired by the literary works of Christian Robinson, Adam Rubin, Mica Archer and more. Projects will include making textured paper trees, watercolor cities and polka dot people. Our outside time will be filled with silly songs and cooperative games.

Week 9. FULL**  TAPE HEADS August 3-Aug 7 In the mornings; join us for some rowdy classic games like tag, kickball, Dizzy Izzy, and water balloon relay races. All Campers will play group games with friendly competition!  In the afternoons we will be creating awesome projects out of various kinds of “sticky things”. Masking tape paintings, Washi (paper) tape animals, dot popsicles and glue dough that air dries.

Irvington Extended Day Program 1320 NE Brazee St. Portland, OR, 97212

  • Weekly Tuition: $270.00. There is no part-time option.
  • Upon receipt of this registration sheet, IED will send a packet for you to fill out and return
  • All registration paperwork and fees must be completed and returned to IED before a child’s place will be held. Tuition over $500 may be split into 2-4 payments. 1 will be due at the time of registration, 1 due by May 15th etc.
  • All tuition is due by camp start
  • If you register and pay all tuition before April 1st, you may take an additional $15 off the weekly fee.
  • If you register 5 or more weeks and pay all tuition before April 1st, you may take another $5.00 (total of $20) off the weekly fee.

Please note the following:

  • We cannot pro-rate weekly tuition based on attendance.

      Refund Policy: Cancellations must be submitted in writing (mail, e-mail). Each camp registration is held to a $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel 14 business days or less prior to when your camp week starts, no amount will be refunded.

  • We cannot refund tuition based on non-attendance.
  • The main activity hours are between 9:30-4:30
  • There is no fee to switch camps if one is available.

Please fill out and return this registration form to IED by June 1st. Thank you!

Forms may be dropped in the metal box located outside room 108a or mailed.



YOUR NAME__________________________   CHILD(REN)_______________________________________________

AGE(S)___________    ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________   

PHONE NUMBER________________________       E-MAIL (please print)____________________________________

1.     June 8-12   __FULL___      CONSTRUCTION

2.     June 15-19  __FULL____   THE NIGHT FOREST                      

3.     June 22-26  ___FULL___     FANTASY CREATURES

4.     June 29-July 2__FULL____ SPACE MADNESS                                          

5.     July 6-10  ___ FULL ___       POTIONS AND PLANTS                               

6.     July 13-July 17 _ FULL __      H2O YEAH! OLYMPICS                            

7.     July 20-July 24  __ FULL _PETSTRAVAGANZA                                                     

8.     July 27-July 31 _ FULL ___    AMAZING AUTHORS AND ARTISTS

9.     August 3-Aug 7 ___ FULL __TAPE HEADS


Director Mir Emampoor